What is a Tree Risk Assessment and why do I need one?

Tree safety is a matter of limiting the risk of significant harm from tree failure whilst maintaining the benefits trees provide.

In addition to the instantly apparent aesthetic beauty, trees offer many benefits such as moderating climate, providing shade and shelter, capturing storm water and providing habitat for wildlife. 

There are a range of potential tree related hazards, many of the more obvious hazards can be picked up by the tree owner – this includes things like deadwood within the canopy, broken limbs (hangers), dead trees and trees that are actively failing with noticeable soil movement. These types of issues could be identified during a Tree Risk Assessment.

However, there are further potential issues that may go unnoticed and therefore a regular, formal inspection by a Level 5 Qualified Arborist is essential.

Tim the Tree-Man has an AQF Level 5 Arborist with Tree Risk Assessment Qualifications, who can provide you with complete Tree Risk Assessments and Arborist Tree Reports.

And with storm season not too far away, now is the time to be scheduling in a Tree Risk Assessment.

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