Graduate Certificate in Aboriculture

Owner and Co-Director of Tim the Tree-Man, Tim Scott, has commenced a Graduate Certificate in Arboriculture (AQF Level 8). This University course is designed for professionals managing trees in the urban forest.

An urban forest is best defined as a collection of trees or woody plants which grow within our cities and suburbs. It was a logical choice for Tim to build on his already extensive knowledge base to better understand the changing environmental, social and economic landscape surrounding trees.  Over the coming months, Tim will expand his knowledge in the following topics:

  • Tree growth and function, including the biology, structure and environmental factors affecting tree performance
  • Tree identification and selection, including the recognition of less common and exotic trees, and analysing and selecting trees for a range of applications
  • Plant health, including the identification and treatment of common and exotic tree pests and diseases
  • Urban tree management, including the methods of tree planning, assessment and evaluation.

Upon completion, Tim will gain the additional professional skills to provide valuable services to all aspects of the arboricultural industry by:

  • Writing management plans for urban trees
  • Sustainably managing trees with respect to environmental, social, and economic factors
  • Acting as an expert witness for local government or consumer and trade tribunal proceedings
  • Advocating for the contribution trees can make to urban life.

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