When to hire and Arborist

An Arborist, like Tim the Tree-Man, can determine what type of pruning is best for the individual tree to maintain its health and improve its appearance and safety. If your tree maintenance requires a ladder or a chainsaw, an Arborist is required.

Similarly, tree removal is dangerous and should be done by a qualified Arborist. Tim the Tree-Man can help determine if a tree should be removed and has the trained staff, skills and equipment to safely and efficiently remove your unwanted trees.

Storms can cause major damage to limbs or entire trees. These trees need to be removed or trimmed to lessen the long-term damage to the tree and surrounding property. This is also dangerous work, and should be performed by a qualified Arborist.

Finally, planting the right tree in the right place is important for the long term health of the tree. Tim the Tree-Man can recommend the appropriate tree for your desired location and assist in proper planting.


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