Tree Safety in Hot Weather

Tree safety is not just for storms

With temperatures soaring across the country, it is important to be fire safety aware. According to the Rural Fire Service Queensland, to be at risk you just need to be close to a fire to be affected by burning material, embers and smoke. In Brisbane, that could be anywhere.

North Brisbane residents in particular are familiar with Council planned burns. There are a number of things you can do to ensure your property is safe:

  • Ensure your house number is clear for emergency service crews
  • Mow your lawn regularly
  • Remove dry, long grass, dead leaves and branches on the ground
  • Remove flammable items
  • Trim branches away from buildings
  • Keep gutters clear of leaf litter
  • Enclose open areas under decks
  • Make sure LPG cylinders are secured
  • Check the first-aid kit is fully stocked
  • Replace damaged roofing and seal gaps
  • Download a Bushfire Survival Plan at

Tim the Tree-Man can assist with removing trees, pruning branches, and dead wooding.  We remove debris from tree work.

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