Backyard Storm Safety

Every year, we hear the same warnings – clean your yard and prepare your house for storm season. If you haven’t already done so, it’s not too late to prepare the following:

  • Check that your roof is in good condition.
  • Trim overgrown tree branches which could land on your roof. Check with your local council if you’re unsure about which trees or branches you can legally cut, and never attempt to trim trees that are near powerlines.
  • Fix any corrosion, rotten timber, termite infestations or loose fitting around the house.
  • Set aside a weekend to clean drains, gutters and downpipes regularly, and especially after a long dry spell. Even if you have gutter shields, you need to tackle the mildew and dirt that accumulates in gutters.
  • Clear the yard of rubbish – take it to the tip, or store it under the house until the next council hard-rubbish collection. Loose items such as children’s toys and broken tools can become missiles in a storm.
  • Do you know how to safely turn off your power, water and gas? If not, it’s time to learn.
    • (Source: The Sunday Mail Summer Weather Survival Guide 2017/18)

Trim overgrown tree branches that could damage your property

A note about trimming overgrown tree branches

Wherever possible, Tim the Tree-Man only prunes to Australian Standards, AS 4373-2007, and does not partake in ‘tree lopping’. Correct pruning of a tree is crucial for the health, safety and longevity of the tree.

Some properties are covered under local laws which may prevent you from removing trees without approval. These laws may affect the property if it is:

  • Near a river or a waterway
  • That is a significant landscape tree
  • In a bushland area
  • In an emerging community zone or other urban area with large trees.

Tim the Tree-Man performs council checks on all quoted properties prior to work commencing.

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